Franchise Lawyer Blog

  • A Franchisor's Due Diligence for International Franchising
           When a U.S. franchise system wants to expand internationally, the franchisor must perform the appropriate due diligence before selling units to franchisees in another country. Franchisors must...
  • Franchise Disclosure Documents and Registration
    The proper preparation of a franchise disclosure document (“FDD”) can be complex and the rules governing such preparation are often evolving, so it is beneficial for franchisors to engage a...
  • Franchising and Real Estate
              Franchise law often overlaps with real estate law for the simple reason that many franchised businesses need a commercial or retail space in which to...
  • Multi-Unit Franchisees and Area Developers
                 Multi-unit and area development agreements are two more aggressive ways to grow a franchise system. However, with these endeavors come higher stakes and less...
  • How A Franchisor Makes Its Website Legally Compliant

           Franchising is highly regulated to create a fair and open marketplace for potential franchisees looking to make an investment in a business. In addition to...

  • Restaurant Leases: Your lease should be an asset, not a liability
    Restaurant Leases: Your lease should be an asset, not a liability

    When opening a restaurant, the restaurant owner’s top priority lease concerns typically are the financial and business...

  • Commercial Leases in Franchising, continued
    Negotiating Relocation Rights for Franchisees/Tenants

    A relocation provision, in its simplest description, is a contractual right in a commercial lease that permits the landlord to relocate a tenant...

  • How Does Termination of a Master Franchise Agreement Affect the Unit Franchisees?
    A master franchise is quite different from other types of franchises such as the single unit, multi-unit or area development franchise. A master franchise agreement grants the right to another...
  • The New FASB Rule: What Does it mean for Franchisors?
    As we highlighted in a previous blog, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) new rule on revenue recognition requires a franchisor to recognize revenue from the sale of a franchise...
  • Franchisor Accounting Issues
    The Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB) issued new revenue recognition guidelines that take into effect in 2019 for private companies. The guidelines are applicable to public companies this year. The...

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