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  • Insurance and its Impact on Litigation Strategy
    Many companies and individuals obtain insurance to help them manage risk. The presence of insurance coverage for claims asserted in a legal action can greatly impact litigation strategy and the...
  • Shareholders’ Rights and Remedies in Litigating Corporate Disputes
    Corporate shareholders have a variety of rights that may be exercised in order to seek recompense for injuries caused by the corporation, by the board of directors, controlling shareholders, or...
  • A Primer on Commercial Torts
      In addition to contract disputes, which we discussed in our first blog entry [click here], there are other common types of business disputes called commercial torts.  Though there are...
  • The More Distinctive the Trademark, the Greater the Protection.
    A common misconception for those new to trademarks or intellectual property law is the level of protection afforded to various trademarks. Trademarks, trade dress and other intellectual property are subject...
  • Commercially Reasonable and Best Efforts
    The terms “commercially reasonable efforts” and “best efforts” are frequently used in contracts. Attorneys will often argue strenuously for their inclusion in a contract, as if they carry great weight....
  • Welcome to Einbinder & Dunn LLP’s New York Business Litigation Blog!
    Welcome to Einbinder, Dunn & Goniea, LLP’s New York Business Litigation Blog! As a New York City based law firm with a broad based commercial practice, we look forward to...

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